Welcome to the Harkon Rangers

Welcome to the Harkon Rangers!

The Harkon Rangers is a rTO server guild manufactured to being a safe-haven for the average player to thrive however they wants to be. Originally a Harkon Defense guild, over time has developed a mainframe for cultivating and sponsoring the growth of many players. These players can come and go as the see fit and can play however they like without any player discrimination. Our guild became a family atmospheric network driven to playing, chatting, and growing together.

The current Harkon Rangers are a wonderful bunch and would always enjoy your company. Come play with us!

-Harkon Ranger Sub Team

Current Events

  1. [Mod]Mizzo’s Scavenger Hunt Event: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/13035-modmizzos-scavenger-hunt/?p=94739
  2. Dapures-DJ Dappers Is Here in RTO!: http://board.playtrickster.com/index.php?/topic/12905-dj-dappers-is-here-in-rto/